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International Kindergarten

Every class is taught by native English-speaking and Putonghua-speaking teachers. Our program follows the curriculum set out by the HK Education Bureau and incorporates a Western early childhood education approach. We focus on the development of language skills using Phonics and multi-media programs, and encourage independent thinking and love of learning.

International       Preschool (English/Cantonese)

Students acquire language skills and develop discipline from activity-based learning and gameplay in a fun and interactive environment. Every class is taught by native English-speaking and Cantonese-speaking teachers. Mandarin programs are also available. The Preschool Program serves as good preparation for progression to our International Kindergarten.

Uniformed Groups and Family Activities

Extracurricular activities such as our Road Safety Patrol Team, Happy Bee Team, and Grasshoppers Team provide students with the opportunity to participate in community activities. These activities develop their independence and social skills and lay the foundation for future integration into society as they learn obedience and discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills.