Admissions Information (North Point)

Age Requirement From age 2 to 6
Enrollment and Submission of
Submission of admission form can be through either of the following methods:

A. In person or by post:
In person or by post together with a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate, immunization record (cover and content page), address proof (i.e. electricity bill), four returned envelopes (each with $3 stamped) and HK$40 application fee in cash or by cheque payable to ‘Ming Wai International Preschool’ (fees are non-refundable).

*Our school will not be responsible for any undelivered mail due to insufficient fund.

B. Via the internet: (only applicable from 28/8 to 22/9)
1. Scanned copy of the birth certificate (A4 size)
2. A recent photo
3. Scanned copy of the Immunization Record (cover page and content page) (A4 size)
4. Scanned copy of the address proof (i.e. electricity bill) (A4 size)
5. HK$40 application fee and HK$15 postage pay (including four returned envelopes each with $3 stamped) by credit card (fees are non-refundable).
* Uploaded documents should be in .JPG/.GIF/.PNG or .PDF format and cannot exceed 2 MB.

Remarks: If the child was not born in Hong Kong, please provide a copy of his/her passport, including the pages showing the photo, name and permitted length of stay.

Once the application for enrollment has been completed, applicants will receive a confirmation email. Please click on the website link provided in the email to register for our orientation session prior to September 22nd.

Interview By way of conversation and game-play, children must be accompanied by parents.