Student Achievements From 2013-2014

2013-2014 Extracurricular Activities and Competitions

  • 2013/2014 Hong Kong & Kowloon Walk For Millions Outstanding Team Award (Photo1) (Photo2)
  • 3rd Place in Hong Kong Kindergarten Mandarin Competition 2014 and Territory Wide Kindergarten Mandarin Competition 2014 2nd Place(Photo1) (Photo2)
  • Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol Champion, Winner of Road Safety Patrol March and Salute Competition & Smart Leader Award (Photo1) (Photo2) (Photo3)
  • The Annual Parade of the Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol (Kowloon East Region), The Champion & Appearance Award Winner(Photo1) (Photo2) (Photo3)
  • Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol (Hong Kong Island) Flag Selling Appreciation Award, Raffle Ticket Sales Winner (North Point Branch), 2nd Place (Prince Edward Branch)(Photo1) (Photo2) (Photo3)
  • YTM District School Liaison Committee Outstanding Student Contest 2014 (Photo)
  • YTM District School Liaison Committee Prominently Improved Student Award (Photo)
  • Talent Dancing Competition 2013 2nd Place(Photo)
  • Child Dancing Competition 2nd Place (Photo)
  • Fight Crime without Boundary Dancing Competition 2nd Place (Photo1) (Photo2)